House of Cards was one of the first original Netflix series, a political drama that follows Congressman Frank Underwood, portrayed by Kevin Spacey.
Season three of the critically acclaimed drama is released on Netflix on February, 27. The great thing about Netflix series is that all 13 episodes will be released at the same time.
One of the most horrifying images you will ever see opens the first series of House of Cards where Frank Underwood kills a dog, who had been hit by a car saying, “There are two kinds of pain. The sort of pain that makes you strong, or useless pain - the sort of pain that is only suffering. I have no patience for useless things.” The first scene, and the first insight into the horrific ruthless character that Frank is.
Frank starts off being a Democratic congressman for South Carolina and House majority whip. The new President is Garrett Walker, who had promised Frank the position of Secretary of State is he got elected, but when it came to it Frank was overlooked.
Frank’s wife Claire runs a charity called ‘Clean Water Initiative’, and in the charity she exerts her power and imposes her own forms of intimidation like forcing the office manager to fire some of her staff.
Meanwhile Frank is hatching his plan to gain a seat in the cabinet through manipulation and acquiring pawns to use in his power play. One of these pawns is a young reporter for the Washington Herald, Zoe Barnes who Frank strikes up a sexual relationship with, and makes a deal to leak stories about his political rivals, which she then publishes.
You may remember the storyline of Congressman for Pennsylvania Peter Russo. Frank killed Russo and made it look like it was suicide. The storyline was too complex to portray within this word count but it was for Underwood’s own gain.
The President needs a new Vice President and Frank becomes part of the team who are charged with vetting potential candidates. He travels to Missouri to stay with multi-billionaire Raymond Tusk. But while staying with Tusk, thinking he is vetting him - he uncovers the relationship between Tusk and the President is a lot stronger than he imagined and found out that Tusk is in fact vetting Underwood. Season One ends with Frank becoming the Vice-President of the United States of America - one step away from his ultimate goal.
Episode one starts in a whirlwind. Underwood’s PA Doug Stamper informs the new Vice-President that there are journalists digging into the death of Peter Russo and the circumstances around it. In an attempt to rid of any links between himself and Russo, Underwood kills the young Washington Herald reporter Zoe Barnes by pushing her onto an oncoming Metro subway train.
Frank sets up the Secretary of State, Catherine Durant for a failed trade trip to China, to frustrate Tusk and his relationship with the President - and in doing so puts a spanner into the relationship between China and the US. Tension then rises between Frank and Tusk as the Chinese situation deteriorates. 
A Chinese trade blockade bringing about an energy crisis is looming over the President’s head. Frank proposes a new subsidy for a nuclear power plant to ride-out the blockade. All the while, Frank is posing as a friend to the President even though every one of his actions is in an attempt to get the presidency himself.
The President finally cops on to what Frank is doing and while a meeting in the Oval Office he banishes him and breaks off all contact. President Walker then has to face an 8% approval rating in the polls, while the Underwoods are pushing the idea around of impeaching the President.
To avoid the embarrassment of the impeachment Walker resigns from the presidency. The series ends with Frank walking around the office, over to the desk and doing a very forceful version of his trademark double tap with his knuckles on the desk.
Season 3 of House of Cards is out tomorrow. Traditionally on Netflix, series of episodes are usually released at 8am Irish Time.