Eimear Kelly rounds up the best flights this week.
Welcome to the first part of a new weekly travel series! Every Thursday from now on, you can find a weekly roundup of affordable flights, holiday ideas, weekend getaways and general travel offers right here on Campus.ie. So, if you have the travel bug or just get a notion to go on an adventure, this is the place to look!

1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is by far one of the most common holiday destinations for students! Why not see what all the fuss is about? Flights directly from Cork to Amsterdam rarely rise above €34.99 from the 6th of November to the 20th of December, so now is the time to book if you want to soak up Amsterdam’s Christmas atmosphere. The catch here is that €34.99 is the price of a single flight (which is still quite cheap), but if you do want a cheaper flight, you can fly from Dublin to Amsterdam for €29.99 each way. The price of this flight rarely goes above €29.99 from now until the 24th of December! Both of these offers are with Aer Lingus. Ryanair flights are slightly cheaper but you would be at risk of getting your flight cancelled.

2. Paris

Book flights to Paris with Aer Lingus now for just €29.99 each way from Dublin. The price remains this low until Christmas time when it rises considerably. It does drop again in early January so now would be a good time to book a getaway in the New Year before heading back to college for second semester! Flights from Cork to Paris are €34.99 each way at this time.

3. Denmark

Why not explore somewhere different? Aer Lingus have two €29.99 each way options from Dublin to Denmark at the moment. One is to Hamburg and one is to Dusseldorf. Flights to Hamburg are €29.99 each way starting from the 16th of October and last through November and certain dates in December. If it’s Dusseldorf you’re interested in, the €29.99 flights start on the 10th of October.

4. Brussels

Brussels seems like such a gorgeous and underrated place! You’ll never guess how much Aer Lingus have each way flights for? €29.99, of course. And once again, those prices remain the same during October, November, and most of December!

5. Faro

If you’re feeling sun deprived, there’s still hope! Faro is usually still warm at this time of year! Flights start at €39.99 each but fear not- accommodation prices usually drop around this time of year. The flights are from Dublin and can be bought at this price from the 22nd of October, through November and for the first half of December.
Happy holidaying, and remember to check our weekly roundup every Thursday!