Which app do you prefer?
Most young people's phone is a maze of different apps that can do, to be honest, basically anything. 
From planners to games to editing apps, our phones are chock full of any and everything. Of course, within this maze is the usual culprits; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and newbie to the group, Snapchat. But this newbie has been making some ground in the last little while, and has now taken over. 
Snapchat is now bigger than Facebook and Instagram for young people under 35 in Ireland.
Stats released by the Cork Digital Marketing Awards, part of Cork Chamber Business School, show that the social network of choice for those under 35 is Snapchat, followed by Facebook and then Instagram.
While Facebook is still dominant for those 35 and above.
Despite media coverage showing Snapchat growth is slowing after Instagram and Facebook both copied key Snapchat features, this hasn't convinced a younger audience to abandon Snapchat.
Below are the stats for the social network, and it's quite clear that Snapchat is dominating, with nearly a million people 24 years and under using it daily.
Speaking on these stats, Aoife Dunne, Business School Manager - Cork Chamber Business School said:
"We've noticed in the past few years the number of entries referencing Instagram and Snapchat going up while Twitter and Facebook entries were remaining static. This year we have a dedicated category for Snapchat and Instagram and it's one of the most popular."
Damien Mulley, Awards Consultant, added, "Facebook isn't going anywhere soon, it's the number one place to market to people online but the age profile is now aging and young people do not want to share a digital space with their parents and their granny, so they're off to Snapchat."

Snapchat stats

1.750M daily in total

Daily usage of Snapchat is the following:

13-17 years: 400k
18-20 years: 275k (675K 20 and under)
21-24 years: 300k
24-34 years: 425k
35+ years: 350k
975k 24 and under
1.4M under 35
Male 775k
Female 950k


2.9M: people on Facebook  monthly, 2.1M daily
1.3M: 34 years and under
630k: 24 years and under
340k: 20 years and under
200k: 18 years and under
1.4M: 35 years and above
1.4M people on Instagram monthly, 800k daily
980k: 34 years and under
520k: 24 years and under 290k 20 and under
170k: 18 years and under
460k: 35 years and above

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