If you've been endlessly swiping to find a celebrity lookalike, Dating AI might be your savior, writes Erin Lindsay.
Ever been swiping through Tinder, just wishing to stumble upon the Ryan Gosling-lookalike of your dreams? Well, your time could be cut in half thanks to a new app that finds you a date based on the celebs you fancy.
Dating AI allows you to choose from some pre-loaded photos of famous people (on the Free Version), or upload a photo of a celeb crush (Paid Version), and searches through various dating sites like Bumble, Tinder and Plenty of Fish to find matches that look like your ideal man/woman.
From your list of lookalikes, you can click on the photo of the person you like and you’ll be redirected to their dating profile. And voilá – a quick and easy way to find your very own Channing Tatum (or the next best thing).
You’d think that with an app like this, the results would be less than exact, and hair and eye colour would be the only similarities between your dream date and your match. But many reviews say the opposite; Buzzfeed and Business Insider both tried out the app and got some pretty accurate matches. If you’re looking for a specific type of guy/girl, Dating AI may be the solution to hours of fruitless swiping.
But the really weird thing that struck me about Dating AI was the fact that it’s not just celebrities that you can covet. In the Paid version of the app, you can upload a saved photo or even link it to Facebook and choose from friend’s profiles. So, in theory, if you were hung up on an ex and wanted to find the next best match, you could trawl the online dating world for their lookalike. Creepy, no?
It draws into question the ethics of this type of online dating. How much attention are we giving to people’s privacy when we see no problem in using their photos to find a date? In my opinion, it’s delving deeper into the shallowness of online dating and Tinder culture; we’re focusing more and more on looks and fleeting first impressions, without paying any attention to the actual person at the heart of it all.
As well as all this, there’s the issue of it being seriously creepy. I definitely would find it weird if someone was using my photo to look for a certain type of girl, and conversely, I would be supremely freaked out if a match on Tinder told me that they liked me because I looked like another girl they fancied.
Again, the issue of looks vs. substance rears its head; should we really be focusing so much on trying to mold our perfect match, rather than just clicking with someone we like? I believe that dating is all about meeting new people and exploring connections. It wouldn’t be very exciting if we tried to replicate the same person and connection on each and every date.
There’s nothing wrong with looking for physical attraction in a date; there’s no doubt that it’s an important factor. If you have a type and know what you like, maybe you’ll really like Dating AI. But if you’re more into connection and discovering something new, I’d say give it a miss.