Laura teaches us some morning after etiquette.

One night stands can be one of the most fun parts of college should you choose to partake but morning after horror stories can be enough to propel you towards a vow of chastity.

It's all very unnecessary because who wants their one-night-only partner to remember the experience and shudder? Nobody that's who.

To avoid it, follow these simple rules – morning after manners are easy:

Offer up your shower

Be nice. Nobody likes to traipse around all day smelling of last night’s sex. Find the cleanest towel you have and show them how to turn the water to hot. You might even get to join (note: showers are totally an invitation only event).

No Snapchats. Ever

Facebook is crammed with unsuspecting one night standers in various states of sleep or undress with “hilarious” captions. Not funny or clever. Karma will get you…it could be a long time before you have the pleasure of someone’s company again.


Is there a worse feeling than wandering around strange streets with last night’s underwear in your pocket and having no idea how to get home? Probably, but we can’t think of it at the minute.

Don’t swap numbers for the sake of it

You are both consenting adults who have spent a (hopefully) fun night together, don’t pretend something will come of it if you already know it won’t. Just be straight about it: ‘Thank you I had a nice time, you’ve got mad skills, enjoy your week’ will suffice.

Tea/coffee/toast is always nice. Sex works up an appetite and a cup of tea won’t kill anyone

Even if you want the person out of your house ASAP just remember that you invited them back there in the first place and manners never killed anyone. It’s not a marriage proposal, it’s a cup of tea and you probably don’t even have sugar to put in it.

Don’t leave your sh*t behind…

Socks, underwear, bank cards, rosary beads (true story), jewellery. It may prove extremely difficult to get back.

Choose your alarm music carefully…

You don’t want this song to be the only thing to break the potentially awkward silence.

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