In this age of constant materialism, Laura Smith looks at how commercials play a part in our spending habits.
It all comes down to commercials. Where do I begin? Beauty bloggers are sent out samples of makeup to try and test out. Snapchat has us covered there pretty simply by posting videos and pictures of the products and we automatically NEED it in our life (no matter the cost). 
Sales, sales, sales, buy this top and those jeans (sure Kim Kardashian was rocking that look over the weekend). Constantly, we see products on shelves then the next move is from our basket to the shop counter. This whole commercial side of everything we look at nowadays is so geared towards money making. It’s a friend’s birthday and you got to get her the latest Inglot makeup out on the shelves because it’s the norm.
We fall into this trap of buying a product just because it’s on the advert during the television programme break. These commercials have what’s on trend and so in order to stay up to date with it, we need to buy it all. Money making, right? We buy something just to please ourselves for a while then after we get sick of that product we buy more things of that we want. It appears to be an endless cycle.
Take for example the great ads you know of, like the Coca-Cola ad. Sometimes you might feel that the commercial is so good that you actually forget the product that it’s trying to sell. It’s all about what business has the coolest ad or the funniest quote. This all filters into the sales increases it makes in the year. 
I will confess, I do fall into the trap of commercial buying. I buy something just because someone like Pippa O’Connor has blogged about it or Kim Kardashian has used it. So it’s basically spending money on items that we never really intended in buying in the first place. Why are our minds like this?
Sometimes commercials can be taken too far. I see, I want, I will buy that product and that’s the end of it. It’s a pity at how quickly advances in technology have really taken their toll on the world. We see our favourite celebrity on a commercial or advertising any product under the sun on their website and we just have to have it. It’s tough being this exposed to it all. I suppose you could say we are always faced with dilemmas on how we can get paid from work and then a day later you find ourselves broke again.
This whole commercial side of everything we look at nowadays is geared towards money making but why really is it like this? Commercials give us this sense of ‘treat yourself’ mood, ‘you deserve this’ factors in. We feel we need these products on commercials in our lives. Christmas ads, Valentine’s Day ads, Mother’s day ad, Father’s day ad’s… what do all of these ads have in common? 
Now I’m not saying not to spend any money on these occasions. Do some of the commercials force us to spend more cash than we actually had intended to? This is the thing about commercials and aiming for their audience. They make these commercials eye catching but sometimes breaking our bank. I want to buy everything but oh wait I have €2 in my bank account. Is this relatable? The dilemma we face.