In college, you’ll meet loads of different girls from every walk of life. Here’s a look at the broad you’re likely to find in your group of college friends

1. The Mammy

Whether you’re a girl or a lad, there’s a Mammy in every friend group. They’re always out with the hoover after you’ve clumsily ripped open your packet of Aldi noodles all over the kitchen floor, or ringing the taxi for the poor soul who’s had one too many. Where would we be without her?

2. The Relationship Lover

This friend can’t cope with being single and tends to love long-term relationships. They’re never without their other half and when they break up, you know it won’t be long before they’re back in the saddle.

3. The Single One

In contrast to the relationship lover, the single friend is notorious for their fear of commitment and will forever be flying solo and happy. You’re guaranteed to lose them on a night out as they will be pulling all round them. You go single friend! You go for all of us *solemn salute*. 

4. The Shy One

Always seen but not always heard, the shy friend is one we cherish in a group of friends. They don’t say much or let themselves be the centre of attention, but when they do speak, it’s normally a burst of comedy gold or something so deep everyone’s mind is blown.

5. The Chatter Box

They are the spokesperson for the group and organise all nights out. They are bubbly and always up for the craic. Without them, the single people would never mingle with the relationship people and the shy one would never go out. This one is the glue in all social gatherings.

6. The Quirky One

Nobody really gets their unusual ways but everyone loves them for their oddness. They don’t care what anybody thinks of them and are happy enough to do their own thing. Never fully understood, but highly respected nonetheless.

7. The Funny One

What would a group be without a funny person to break the ice?  Always there to make light of a situation when needed and generally great craic, you gotta love the funny friend.

8. The Complainer

There’s always that one person that will give out no matter how good the food is or how handy their college work is. All they do is complain and taking the piss out of their complaining is all you can do. 

9. The Airy-Fairy One

Their head’s in the clouds and they’re happy never knowing what’s going on. Never stressed, the airy-fairy one is great to have around for those stressful moments. And they  make you feel more organised, so you fell better by comparison! They’re completely ditzy and you love them for it.

10. The Diva

Everything with this one is dramatic and animated, there’s never a dull moment. Giving Beyoncé a run for her money, the diva will turn every situation into a big deal, every mishap into a tragedy and every bit of gossip into a breaking news story. You always like to see this one coming ‘cause you know you’re in for a story that’s grown arms and legs.

11. The Mad Wan

This one is known for their mental-ness and always up for a rave. You won’t actually see much of the mad wan around campus, but they never let you down for the mental nights out. Mighty craic at all times.