Young Fine Gael (YFG), the youth wing of the senior government party, has called on Taoiseach Enda Kenny to hold the General Election on a Friday this year.
YFG believes holding the election on a Friday could see the “highest turnout rate of young voters ever in a General” and it would ensure students are not prevented from voting on polling day.
The call from YFG comes as speculation mounts around the date of the upcoming General Election and the date on which Mr Kenny will dissolve the current Dáil and call the election, with suggestions it could be as early as Tuesday or Wednesday this week.
Tánaiste, Joan Burton yesterday signalled on RTÉ’s The Week in Politics programme that the election could be called by the Taoiseach early this week. There is also growing speculation that the election might be held on a Thursday this year.
President of Young Fine Gael, Colm Taylor said: “The 2011 General Election, which was held on a Friday, had a 62 percent turnout rate among young voters - this clearly illustrates the importance of having an election on a weekend in order to ensure that the youth vote is counted.
“The Marriage Referendum saw the addition of thousands of young voters being added to the Register of Electors and having the General Election on a Friday could be an opportunity to see the highest turnout rate of young voters ever in a General Election,” Colm Taylor stated.
He added: “Having the General Election at the weekend is highly important in ensuring youth participation in the political process and as an organisation we are strongly in favour of a weekend election.”