Andrea Wright discuss the going back to college stage and how every everyone has a different path.
When I was in school and doing my undergrad, I always envied the people who knew exactly where they were going and what they wanted to do. I was never one of those people. Most of us don’t have the leisure of realizing that we want to be a doctor by the age of ten, but that’s okay.
At almost twenty-four years old I am now only beginning to figure it out. Leaving cert, College, Job...we are told that these are the steps we are supposed to make but this is about as real as happily ever after. Life doesn’t work in steps. 
After two years of working somewhere I didn’t want to be, I knew I needed a change. I had always intended on doing a Master’s after my undergrad but it’s not always that simple. College is not cheap first of all, and to be honest I was afraid. I was afraid I was making the wrong choice, that I would hate it or regret my decision and It took a long time before I could commit. I was afraid of going back after being out of it for two years, I couldn’t remember how to write essays, take notes or make friends. It was like starting the first year all over again.
Now I know I did the right thing but that didn’t make it any easier. Choosing to go back to college for another year was tough but you have to keep thinking about the end game.
To be expected to know what you want to do at the age of seventeen after the Leaving Cert is almost laughable. I’m lucky if I can figure out what to have for lunch let alone knowing what to do with the rest of my life. I started online courses and never finished them, I applied for jobs and never got a callback, I tried to think outside of the box and came up blank. If there is something you want then you will try your hardest to get it and if you don’t then it probably isn’t for you.
Don’t think that because you haven’t gotten it all figured out by the time you graduate that you have failed. You are only at the beginning of your life so enjoy it and forget about what your friends are doing and focus on what you are doing.
Travel. Work. College. Whatever you choose to do at this moment in time is up to you. Forget about what you see on Facebook or Instagram about who got a new job or just got engaged. You can figure it out at twenty or fifty. Who says’s there is an age limit on success? It is easier said than done I will admit but once you do life will become that little bit sweeter and the worry and anxiety will slowly start to calm down. You'll find your path.