In the good old days everybody knew the Celtic Tiger personally and we all had a mandatory tub of hummus in our fridges. Well, when the Tiger died, hummus fell out of popularity and we went back to choosing between mashed or roast spuds.

However, under our noses chefs were making masterpieces out of the humble chickpea and hummus made a comeback! Now more than ever before, we are more aware of what we’re eating and where it’s from, with many wanting to choose organic and Irish at the right price, it can be difficult to find a product out there that matches all these requirements.

Sonas Hummus is a brand new company founded by Sarah McNally and Caitlin Coleman, a talented duo from DIT Cathal Brugha Street. The pair are both in their final year of Culinary Entrepreneurship. Their company is unique in the sense that they use seasonal, organic ingredients that are locally sourced: “All of our hummus flavours change with the Irish season.”

Sarah’s love of using seasonal and organic products flourished when she spent several months in The River Cottage last year, a restaurant where the ethos for using seasonal and organic products is world renowned. Caitlin spent some time travelling and “tasting all sorts of fruit and vegetables native to those countries.”

Both wanted to start a business for themselves “because we’re fed up of working for other people”, and with their experience and aspirations in the culinary world, this was perfect for them. At the moment they are producing six flavours each season: “All our vegetables are sourced from McNally’s Family Farm in North County Dublin and all of our chickpeas are sourced from an organic Irish supplier.” Two of their most popular flavours at the moment include roasted carrot and ginger, and their hugely successful wild garlic and black kale with lemon.

Sonas Hummus is already gathering a large following and is starting to pop up in various parts of the city. If you’re interested in trying out some Sonas Hummus, you can check out their Facebook and Twitter page, or if you’re interested in placing an order, you can contact the girls directly by email: Currently they are selling 200g tubs at €2.75 or 2 for €5. The size of the tubs is ideal to throw in your bag for lunch, just grab some crackers and you’re good to go!

This article also appeared in The Edition, DIT's independent student newspaper.