Don't want to follow the news? Bluff it.

Here are five things you should let on you know about this Obamatastic Tuesday.

Enda evades tax talk

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has evaded talking about tax with the G8 leaders. Enda has insisted that the issue of Ireland’s tax regime was not raised in discussions yesterday. The Taoiseach could not say for certain whether the leaders will speak about Ireland’s tax structures in discussions today.

Bono buys lunch

Bono and the wife have treated the Obama women to a traditional Irish pub lunch. The Hewson family invited the First Family to lunch in Finnegan’s pub. Only a week ago, Bono met Neil Young for a pint in the Dalkey spot. It appears the U2 frontman is happy to flash the cash now that he has learned of Ireland’s ‘Tax haven’ status.

Boy gobsmacked by Michelle

Michelle Obama managed to leave a young lad in silence backstage in the Gaeity Theatre yesterday – by touching his hand. Classmate Rebecca, aged 11, said: “A boy in my class [Billy] was really embarrassed when she touched [his] hand because he thinks she is so beautiful. He was so shy.” Rebecca’s comments to the media will surely boost the chap’s confidence.

Hairy legs

The Chinese have a solution for women who are sick of men staring at their legs – hairy tights. The garment can deflect any unwanted attention from the opposite sex – or attract even more unwanted attention, depending on who’s in Coppers that night. You can take a look at the tights here.

Raincoats made useless

And finally, raincoats and umbrellas have been rendered useless – for today at least. With Obamamania sweeping the nation, the Irish summer made a surprise appearance today in a vain attempt to become the top talking point again, but to no avail. Temperatures only reached 22°C today, which is nothing compared to the Great Heatwave of Last Week.