Where were you all this time?

So, it's the end of the week. FINALLY. No matter how many times we get here, Friday always looks just a good as every other week, the little minx. 

It's been a tough ol' week here, but look, we made it through. This week, much like many others, was chock full of news and nuggets of information and happenings. Here's a quick round up of what went down this week:

The CAO Offers came out

After a gruelling summer, student around Ireland were finally able to make a decision about their future. Thousand of students received an offer to study at third-level around the country, and we saw the effect of the new grading systems for the first time. This year, like every other year really, saw some changes in points for courses. The most popular course in Ireland? Arts (woooo!).

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Rent around Ireland increased - again

Another day, another rent report. This week's was to tell us how much rent had increased nationwide, really making us excited about starting the house-hunt for college. Dublin remains the highest place to rent - surprise, surprise - and Roscommon is the least expensive place to rent. 

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UCD's SU show us how bad the housing hunt really

Following on from the Daft.ie report, UCD's SU went undercover again to show what landlords are really offering students to live in. Cramped rooms with an insane rent do not a home make. 

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If in you're in search of something less doom and gloom and more glam, we also have the low-down on what to bring the night of your Debs. Our writer Chloe O'Keeffe tells us what we have to bring, and what to leave behind.

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