Chloe O'Keeffe makes sure you have the right tunes this Halloween.
Music is one of the most central things to any good party. Regardless of the festivity there’s always a different set of songs that simply have to be played at each occasion and Halloween is no different. 

1. Thriller, Michael Jackson

This is the number one staple at any Halloween party. Released in November 1982, Thriller soared to number 4 on the Hot 100 in 1984, and is the most downloaded “Halloween song” of all time. The King of Pop also acclaims the longest movie video of all time at a record 13 minutes and 42 seconds. The song contains many sound effects to enhance the spookiness of the song, including creaking doors, thunder and howling winds. 

2. Ghostbusters Theme Song

As soon as the 1st of October comes around the question on everyone’s lips is “Who ya gonna’ call?”, as to which the subsequent answer is “GHOSTBUSTERS!” This song is a bit funner than that of Thriller, with a fun mix of dance and pop. The song was initially made as the theme tune to the movie of the same name, but over the years has made its name as a song in its own right.

3. This is Halloween, Danny Elfman

This particular rendition of the song composed by the superb Danny Elfman is accompanied by a big assistance of the people of Halloween Town for the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, but it was also famously covered in 2006 by Marilyn Manson. 

4. Highway to Hell, ACDC

This was released all the way back in July 1979 by Australian rockband ACDC. Their pitch-black, heavy metal sound is perfect for a dark Halloween night.

5. Cannibal, Ke$ha

This is a very animalistic song, as Ke$ha sings about how she is a cannibal, that will eat “boys for breakfast and lunch” as well as drink their blood. Captures the mood perfectly.

6. Monster, Lady Gaga

Again, alike Ke$ha, Lady Gaga sings about the monster that ate her heart in this dance-pop song that she recorded for her third EP!

7. Monster, Michael Jackson & 50 Cent

This song includes many spooky sound effects, such as screams at the opening of the song. The song goes into Jackson singing about how everywhere there are monsters, it is the perfect song to go hand in hand with Thriller, as they have a similar running theme of Halloween inspiration.

8. Hells Bells, ACDC

ACDC hit again with a spooky entrance of bells at the opening of this song, released on Halloween of 1980. The bells are said to toll at total of 13 times in the song, in an attempt to imitate the Denison Bell in the Carillon Tower at the Loughborough War Museum. Quite spooky, if you ask me. 
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