Seeing as we're having such good weather and in recognition of International Reggae Day earlier this week, I thought it was proper order to write a few words about Jamaican songwriter and reggae vocalist Keith Anderson – best known as Bob Andy.

Andy is widely considered to be one of the genre's most influential songwriters.

Reggae first developed in Kingston, Jamaican in the late 1960s and evolved from the earlier genres of ska and rock steady.

Hailing from Kingston, Bob Andy has been active since the 1960s, so both artist and genre arrived and developed simultaneously and his impact on reggae is deeply significant. The career of this man is remarkable and spans many decades. He is a pioneer and vintage veteran of the genre. He was a founding member of The Paragons, has worked very closely with Jackie Mittoo and has been honoured with an Order of Distinction for outstanding service to Jamaican music.

As if all that was not impressive enough, Bob Andy is back with vengeance and has released a new single ‘Love is Sure’.

The track was produced by Willie Lindo and recorded in Heavy Beat Studios in Miami.

In the track, Andy explores and shares his life experiences from being an orphan to present day, and it is clear that after recently overcoming illness, that his tone is hopeful and ardently upbeat. Love has saved him, as he sonically reiterates.

The song has universal appeal with a powerfully positive message. It' essence engages all that is good about reggae. It is spiritual, pensive and damn good listening experience. It is a great precursor of what is to come as an album is also on the way.

‘Love is Sure’ is a testament to the human experience and strength of character. It is also clearly a personal and beautiful insight to the man that has offered, and is still offering, so much to the world.

The single is currently available on iTunes.