'Dancing Under Red Skies' by Dublin band Shadows and Dust is our track of the week. Robert Morrissey checked out their video, released this week.

Four-piece Dublin band Shadows and Dust have released a new video for their single 'Dancing Under Red Skies', which sees the band perform the single live in a room in Pickering Forest.

The video was directed by Dublin film maker Andrew Jordan.

The single itself is like a blend of Sigur Rós, The xx and Tired Pony - if you can imagine what that would sound like. A delicate melody is created with a chilling bassline and plucked strings throughout the song. 

The band have crafted a unique song from a wide range of instruments, with violin, bass, drums, samplers and piano all thrown into the mix. 'Dancing Under Red Skies' is the follow-up to the group's debut EP, Each Year Forever.

You can find out more about Shadows and Dust here.