Room Six are a group of three musicians bringing something new and starkly original to the Dublin music scene.

The group offer a dynamic live DJ set. What makes Room Six so different is their inclusion of live vocals, electric guitar and saxophone in the set, which is combined with impressive visual art effects and provocative lighting to produce a very unique event and the complete combination of which have been utterly captivating audiences.

Room Six consists of Michele Oliva, an Italian DJ, Julyo, also hailing from Italy and an accomplished electric guitar player and singer and saxophonist Vimbai Mukarati, who is from Zimbabwe and is currently studying jazz and contemporary music at Newpark Music Centre.

Miriam Doona chatted to Michele ahead of their gig in The Mercantile tonight.

Miriam: You describe Room Six as a live electronic dance set concept. Can you elaborate on that description?

Michele: Yes, I have been in Dublin about a month and a half. I came from Italy and techno is so big there. The three of us all have different musical backgrounds. We have techno and rock and jazz traditions and we all came together and started to play. It was not forced and we make very organic music as a result.

Miriam: Do you think that your three different backgrounds, both musically and culturally, have helped to bring this act to life?

Michele: Yes, we create very original music and we mix these original elements with techno drum beats and have a big jazz element too, there is also lot of saxophone in our music and vocals too.

Miriam: The visual art and lighting element is a big part of the act too. Do you all input to that aspect of your performance?

Michele: We have a visual artist, another guy who concentrates on that side of the act and does only the visuals. We want to create a circus concept, with fire breathing and break dancing. We want it to be crazy and a surprise, we like to improvise and integrate a show and a performance into the music.

Miriam: You mentioned that you are just over a month in Dublin, how are you finding the scene here in the city?

Michele: It's great there is a lot of rock, blues and folk and live music is everywhere. Electronic music is not so popular now in Dublin. Naples, where I am from, is saturated with electronic music and techno seems to be having a bit of a revival here now, but there are not so many DJs. But I am not worried about any competition; it is good to have competition, it makes you be and perform at your best.

Miriam: It is probably very good timing for Room Six as techno was so huge in Dublin, as it was everywhere, in the 1990s but it has really levelled off. What is the meaning of your name Room Six and what is a typical day for you, creatively speaking, and what are you listening to at the moment?

Michele: Our studio is in our home which is Room Six! I work in studio in the morning from about nine. I am a DJ but I am into the music production side too. The other two guys record original material in the evenings Just before I spoke to you I was listening to John Coltrane I like blues and rock too, Led Zeppelin is one of my favourite bands and I love listening to classical music too. It is strange I am an electronic music producer but I rarely listening to electronic music, but if I was listening to it: The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy and Massive Attack are my favourite 90s electronic acts.

Miriam: Room Six have had many successful shows lately, do you have any more coming up and will you be performing at any festivals next year, as you are so suited to festivals as an act?

Michele: Our next gig is Thursday 5 December in The Mercantile. At the moment we have residencies in The Mercantile, The Grand Social and The Village. It may be different next year, but that is the way it is now. We would be very keen to do festivals but we have nothing specific in place but we are in talks with organisers and maybe and hopefully we will be performing in Berlin, Bristol and London in various festivals next year.

Room Six play The Mercantile tonight. Check out Facebook for other upcoming gigs.

Pictures by Adam Carroll Photography.

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