How Irish are you? Cassie Delaney puts Dub rockers The Gorgeous Colours to the Irish Test.

What's the difference between Bono and Jesus? 

Jesus doesn't walk around Dublin thinking he's Bono.    Its not that uncommon a scenario for the Irish to get a wee bit cocky on the rise to fame. Someone gives a Paddy little bit of attention and next thing we know he's off "breaking America" with not an ounce of gratitude for his Irish roots. In a valiant effort to distinguish the loyal from the lax, I have developed the very scientific Irish Test. The Gorgeous Colours are first up to the mark.    The Irish Test: Hows she cuttin'?   Grand.   Lyons or Barrys?   Barrys.   Tayto or King?   King.   Real butter: yay or nay?   Yay   Snog,  marry, avoid: Georgia Salpa, Glenda Gilson, Rosanna Davison??? Root then avoid all of them   Score or Shift?   Score    Do you pronounce scones like gnomes or scone like gone?   Gnomes.   Best Bono joke?   The whole South Park episode.    Coldplay or U2?   Neither.   The Times or The Indo?   Times.   Tommy Tiernan or Des Bishop?   Des.   Strawberry or Raspberry?   Both.   Favorite Seanfhocail?   All of mario rosenstocks flatleyisms.   Are you related to anyone called Mary? Yes.   Have you ever been on holiday to rural Ireland and stayed in a caravan? Yes.   What did you spend your confirmation money on? Lego.   Did you ever run in Santry? Yes.   Mam, Mum, or Ma?   Mam.   Dad or Da?   Dad.   Expert Analysis: Some debatable answers here from The Gorgeous Colours. Des Bishop for instance, is slightly more exotic brash and is in no way funnier than Tommy, pride of the emerald isle.Still, some solid answers and the correct pronunciation of scones have defended the reputation of the lads.    Verdict: Good solid Irish lads.