Efterklang are wickedly original, refreshingly so, Miriam Doona writes.

Their name translates as "reverberation",reverb being the acoustic envioment that surrounds a sound,it quiet literally means"after" and "sound"....how very appropriate and intelligent.

Hailing from  Copenhagen,Denmark, they performed Dublin's intimate Meeting house square with the Major lift orchestra for Absolut fringe. They were impressively dapper in sharp suits and bow ties,and,with the conductor being elegantly attired in a tuxedo, the whole affair oozed style.

Musically there was a delightful flirtation of genres, incorporating elements of jazz, electronica,  trance and classical all engulfing  a distinct indie backbone,with crashing percussions, and booming, ballsy bass. Three female backing  vocalists offered exquisite singing voices with devine harmonies, yielding to a distinct choir feel, with beautifully haunting melodic overtones.

The band honestly seemed to have a ball; jumping around,alternating instruments,and had great banter with the crowd. They really seemed to enjoy performing and there was a great transfer of energy between them and the audience. It was a really effective symbiosis, and really enhanced the overall performance.

These Danes personify class, and, most importantly,came across as being good craic,and factoring in the brilliant musicianship, Efterklang possess the whole package.

They would rip up and tear apart any major festival stage. The stage could possibly have been slightly bigger at the venue, as there was so much going on, and it seemed slightly compact to fully accomadate.Thumbs up, lads...at the very least they deserve a massive cult following. While chatting to a fellow festival goer, and learning it was his fifth time to see them, it is apparent Efterlang are already well on their way.Tremendous gig.