We got the chance to meet the new and upcoming rappers.
Every Monday at 5 we bring you 5 of the most important things you need to know. Today? We sat down with Neomadic for 5 minutes to give you a little introduction to the guys. 
Campus: How did ye come up with the name neomadic?
Neomadic (Diarmuid): So Mike (No Good), the other rapper he actually came up with it he kind of had it as his rap name. What it means is like neo is like new and madic is like traveller, so its kind of like new age travellers (Neomadics). It was originally Neomadics when we first started but then we decided to cut it out to a singular thing, Neomadic. So now we call ourselves Neomadic, like new age travellers.
Campus: Where did ye meet?
Neomadic: In School, so I lived in Maynooth my whole life and then Mike moved from South Africa, when we were about 16 so in like fifth year, but I didn’t hang out with him properly until after when we were in the same college, and that’s when we started rapping together.
Campus: Let’s talk about your style, what kind of artists or bands influenced your music?
Neomadic: So for myself, a lot of people like Kendrick, like it varies because when I was younger I used to listen to a lot of gangster rap like Fifty Cent and G-Unit, then more like a child called quest, far side, more old school stuff and then Eminem, Eminem was huge. Then when I was 16/17 I started listening to Kid Cudi, J Cole and Kendrick that kind of new age, hip hop I guess like I listen to a lot of hip hop in general.
Campus: If you could pick one word how would you describe your sound?
Neomadic: Like chill, jazzy, hip hop
Campus: So you guys started off with your mixtape and are now trying to launch an EP, tell me about that?
Neomadic: Yeah that was our first project, we released that in August. We’re both solo artists as well so we have our own solo stuff that we’re going to start releasing, like I’ve got my own solo mix tape and Mike does as well. So what we’re going to do is like space out those releases, so we can give our fans a different side of Neomadic. We hope to have them out, well one of the projects, by the end of the year.
Campus: Have you guys got many gigs lined up before Christmas or in the new year?
Neomadic: So at the moment we have nothing really lined up, but hip hop gigs always just pop up, someone might hit us up on Facebook or something and say, "oh we’re playing a gig tonight do you want to play at this?". We’re hoping to do a hip hop night ourselves with other local artists and djs. I do feel like the hip hop scene in Dublin is growing and there’s more of an audience for setting up our own night.
Campus: I’ve had a look at some of your videos, what made ye go with animation versus a more traditional style?
Neomadic: It’s mainly because we both love cartoons, we always wanted to do a spacey, trippy alien video, but obviously you can’t do that with a camera on an art student budget so we hit up a guy that used to go to school with us, Sean Cunningham, who does animation and we were like oh we’ve got this song would you be up for doing an animation for it, and yeah he loved the song and since then we’ve started working with him because it got a good response online.
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