Sophisticated explosions at every turn and some very quick one-liners are just some of the trademarks of London Has Fallen, but as Gavin Hyland found out, the movie is far from a world-beater.
Carrying on from Olympus Has Fallen, President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) of the United States continues to be one of the unluckiest presidents in history as he and other world leaders come under attack when London is hit by a series of co-ordinated attacks. 
It is the job of Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) to protect the president and attempt to save his life for a second time as London is under siege and the leaders of almost all the other nations are killed in varying, but equally imaginative ways.
Mike’s wife is back in Washington, eight and a half months pregnant with their first child, so no pressure. 
London is falling as iconic landmarks such as Big Ben are blown into the Thames without a moment’s hesitation from a remarkably armed group of terrorists. 
World leader after world leader is blown up or shot with hardly any difficulty, leaving Mike Banning and the President to survive in London.  
London Has Fallen is more than a two-hour action packed adrenaline ride. It has quick one line jokes, emotional scenes and more than decent acting in a genre which is monopolised by the Bond franchise.
Although a good movie, it is not without faults, and it is unlikely to change your life by the end. 
The movie fulfills its duty if you suspend your expectations of reality and submit yourself to the action and writing. 
Morgan Freeman and Angela Bassett provide support roles as Vice-President, Allan Trumbull and Director of the United States Secret Service, Lynn Jacobs respectively. 
Visual effects are not ground breaking in this movie and a lot is left to the sometimes comedic bromance between the president and his protector.
Directed by Babak Najafi, London has Fallen is not the poorer sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, but it is not dramatically better either. The same movie but in a different location, just as the name suggests. 
I would rate the movie 5/10 overall as it is not a waste of time, but it is almost a carbon copy of Olympus has Fallen. Even the President and Vice-President are the same. 
Little or no originality is a let-down, but it would be a good movie on a rainy day. Just don't expect people to be rushing out to buy the DVD or download it on release.