Tonight is the perfect night for some cinema viewing.

Today is a very special day - it is cold. That means that Autumn is on its way, soon to be followed by Winter and then, Christmas. Obviously the best time of the year.

So say goodbye to beer gardens and hello to fluffy blankets, the time has come for ome guilt-free staying indoors. Start your week off right with the trip to the cinema. Vue offer a discount code on Tuesdays as part of their Super Tuesday - every student's favourite deal - and this is what's on offer tonight:

1. Logan Lucky

Three siblings try to pull off a heist during one of the busiest NASCAR events. And there's also Channing Tatum. Need any other reason?

Watch the trailer here.

2. Rought Night

A Hen Party gone wrong and a dead body on the beach - not ideal. Plus,, our fav gals Scarlett Johansson and Kate McKinnon never let us down. This one's not for the kiddies, though.

Get a feel for it here.

3. Despicable Me 3

Something that's a little more family friendly, and has been around for yonks now. Tell the minions I say hi. 

Here's what to expect.

4. American Made

Drugs. Smuggling. Medellin cartel. What more could you want?

Have a look at the trailer here. 

5. Detroit

Set after the Agiers Motel murders in 1967, watch racial tensions come to a head in this tense, crime drama. A must watch.

See the trailer here. 

Happy watching!

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