We all know that social media plays a huge part in our daily lives. We use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc to keep in touch with friends and keep updated on the goings on all around the world. However, not only does social media help us do these things, y

Privatise your Facebook- This one is pretty much a given; no potential employer wants to see those pictures from the night club of you getting the shift, or that status about how you woke up on a floor somewhere after necking a bottle of tequila.

Unfortunately, alcoholism, even in Ireland, is not a hireable trait in a candidate. Make this stuff private and keep the smart statuses about your career field public…a potential employer will easily see you as a person who is passionate about their career field and doesn’t make a tit of themselves while intoxicated. Be wary not to be obvious about hiding these things, keep some pictures of nights out but ensure you look well and sober in them. Don’t completely go on lockdown with your privacy settings as you don’t want to be obvious that you have something to hide.

Join professional groups - Facebook and LinkedIn are inundated with groups that work in the same career field as you want to. On these groups, many companies advertise jobs or can lead you to certain companies who might be hiring at the moment. It is well worth joining these groups as they keep you updated on what’s going on in the career world and who’s the person you ought to friend and get to know to be well on your way to achieving your goal job.

Start a blog - Even if you don’t want to be a writer or join the world of media, many potential employers during interviews ask whether or not you have a blog, and the best answer to give is always yes. Blogs are the best way to flaunt your wit and personality, your technology know-how (or to fake it) and to show off your smarts in your chosen field. Upload your college essays or engage in topical issues, just make sure you start a blog to show to employers who want to get to know you. Publicise it through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for optimum coverage.

‘Follow’ or ‘like’ companies you’re interested in- By doing this, you are showing a great interest in the company and are now potentially, on their radar which is never a bad thing when looking for employment.