Megan Kavanagh looks at maintaining the balance between work and college.
Currently in college and also working a job too? Or are you a student thinking of taking on a part time job? If so, here I have listed my top tips on how to handle working during college.
Let’s face it, for most of us the option of not working during college just isn’t there. We need a way to cover our travel expenses, student fees, food, accommodation and the ever so needed nights out without breaking our parent’s bank. In order to fund these college necessities most of us take on a part time job.
Having a part time job during college isn’t easy. It means sacrificing your only days off to earn a bit of cash however it is very doable and all worth it in the end when you’ve got that degree and can look back on your college experience fondly, knowing you were able to earn your own money for the things you wanted/needed.

Weekend work.

I highly recommend taking on weekend work if possible as opposed to working weekday evenings. I know this isn’t always possible with certain jobs but if the option is there, take it. Monday to Friday should be reserved for college time such as going to lectures, hanging out with friends, doing assignments and going on nights out. You will seriously tire yourself out if you have to be in college all day and then have to go work an evening shift. By reserving your part time work for the weekends you are freeing up your weekday evenings to perhaps get involved in society life at college (as most of their events will be held on weekdays), get your assignments done or just to simply hang out at the college bar with friends.


Do what you can manage.

Never take on more days than you are able for, two to three days maximum. This of course all depends on how heavy your course is in terms of hours. There is no point taking on an extra shift if it is going to clash with a lecture. As a student your college work should be number one priority and you shouldn’t let work get in the way of getting that degree.

Make a schedule.

Daily planners should become your best friend. If you jot down a rough idea of what you have to get done that week and the hours you have free to do it, it will mean you can go to work comfortably knowing that what you needed to get done is done.

Take time off. 

If needed take the necessary time off around exam time. Like I previously mentioned your degree is number one, along with your well-being. You don’t need the added stress of work around exam time especially if you are a final year student.

Don't forget to relax. 

My final tip and probably the most important one would be to ensure that you still have some down time to be able to do something that isn’t work/college related. Be it reading your favourite book or binge watching Netflix. It’s so important not to overdo it. Being stressed and overdoing it isn’t good for anyone. If you do too much you are only going to burn out. Ensure you get the time to relax. Trust me you’ll thank me later.