The Bank of Mum and Dad is empty, your CVs have been dispatched, prayers have been answered and now at last you've got a call for a job interview. Hallelujah

At this stage some people may begin to worry about questions that will be asked and researching the hell out of the job, or you could focus on the most important thing – what will I wear?

If we are to believe the old cliché, first impression counts and the first thing your future employer will judge you on is your appearance, so it’s important to get it right

Give up yer aul mohawk

Now, if you’re a punk rocker and refuse to bow down to the man and wear a suit that’s all well and good, but don’t expect to get a job unless your apply to be the chairman of The Clash fan club.

Depending on how serious your interview is dress appropriately. You really can’t go wrong with a clean blazer and white shirt. At least this way you can look professional even if you've been up all night watching Game of Thrones.

Tats on show

Tattoos are a great expression of a person’s individuality, however the last thing an employer wants to see from a perspective employee is a tattoo sleeve. Some people in the work world think their shocking, others find them intimidating and a way around this is to simply cover them up. Your employer doesn't have to know of every little secret you have – especially that regrettably tattoo you came home with from Ibiza.


Looking your best is important and make-up does help with confidence but don’t go too over the top that you turn up looking like the cast of from The Only Way is Essex . It’s a job interview, not a night in Coppers looking for the shift.

Ladies, wear sensible heels but only if you can walk in them if you fall flat on your face that’s not too cool. Also never wear a bare leg always tights or trouser, I know if seems ridiculously old fashion but hey if it gets you a job that you can buy all the mini-skirts your heart desires.


Lads make sure to tuck in your shirt, hands out of pocket and shine your shoes. It will take two minutes and shows you have pride in your appearance and really do want a job to finance your playa lifestyle.


Last little tip of advice is to be super friendly and polite and at least that way if you don’t get the job you might still get a number…