The programme is currently under review.

With America's somewhat tumultous political climate at the moment, things we thought dead certain are coming up a little hazy. 

The summer is ending which means that many Irish students are returning home from a summer abroad in the US, a tradition of sorts in Ireland. But USIT recently announced that the 2018 Graduate Programme is currently under review over in the States, reports.

The student travel company hosted a Faccebook Live on Wednesday to discuss the future of the programme, where they admitted that there are doubts about the future of the programme. 

It's understood that anyone who has already signed up for the 2018 programme will be refunded - definitely not a good sign. There are still limited places available on the 2017 programme for anyone who can travel on or before December 31, and anyone who has already booked the 2017 programme has been assured their places on the programme are safe.

Speaking in the video, Melaine Young said:

“We have learned recently that the 2018 programme is now under review ... US State Department, Department of Labour, Department of Homeland have put the graduate visa under review, which we’ve just basically learned, which is quite worrying for 2018 ... Where we have previously been telling anybody out there 'hold off booking for 2018', we’re now saying all bets are off for 2018. Please don’t book on to the programme thinking you’re going to be travelling in 2018, it’s uncertain if the programme is going to be ahead, we’re waiting for the review to be completed by The White House."
So, if you were planning to head to the States in 2018, you may have to rethink your plans, unfortunately. 
You can watch the video in full here.