When you’re mulling over the possible destinations for your J1 experience, does Houston Texas come to mind? Probably not, right? Well, hopefully this article will show you exactly what you are missing out on.

My name is Colm Corrigan, I’m a proud Dundalk man living and working in the heart of the world’s Oil and Gas Financial Industry. Why take a chance on Houston? Let me tell you.

Houston Texas is a rich city with one of the strongest job markets in the States right now. It is also an epicentre in the US when it comes to big Industry business. Next to New York, Houston is home to more Fortune 500 company headquarters than any other US city. If Houston’s economy was its own country, it would be ranked thirtieth largest economy in the world. That’s bigger than Ireland and Israel’s combined. Houston is crying out for highly qualified candidates in Engineering, Medicine and Financial Services. If you have a work visa for the States, you want to be here!

Houston has a relatively low cost of living.  Accommodation, transport, fuel costs and utilities are low. This coupled with some of the lowest income taxes in the US makes it a no brainer. With major cities like Detroit filing for bankruptcy, people are turning to front running states like Texas for opportunity. Cities like Boston, New York, Chicago are popular with J1’ers but have you sat down and thought about alternatives? Texas is a unique experience and differs greatly from the normal run-of-the-mill cities

The lifestyle here is great too. If you like the heat, you’ll love this place -- summers here are scorchers! Houstonians are really friendly people and man do they love their rodeo! It’s not all cowboy hats and horses here in the city but you really don’t have to go far to have that experience. On the other end of the spectrum is the world of advanced technology. Houston is knows as Space City and the birthplace of NASA. It is such a diverse city, with the University of Houston being one of the most diverse multicultural colleges in America. The Irish community here is small but growing strong and we really look after our own here. We even have our own GAA Team (Houston Gaels). In summary, Houston is progressive, fun and full of opportunities. So the real question is…what are you waiting for?