We got the folks at DSPCA to tell us the best way to protect our pets.
Halloween is a fantastic time for families and children.  Lots of dressing up, scary stories, fireworks, bonfires and of course sweets! But it is not a good time for pets and wildlife around us!
The DSPCA (Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) are here to offer some simple and helpful tips to keep you, your pets and wildlife safe this Halloween.
  • Please remember that fireworks are illegal as is the lighting of bonfires in public areas!


  • Always keep your pets safely locked up in your home.  Lock the cats and dogs into a room in your house with the windows and curtains closed so they cannot escape and run out the front door.  Play some music and give them lots of food and water to keep then calm and happy – a full pet is more likely to sleep. 


  • Bring rabbits and other outside pets like ferrets inside in a cage for the night.  If you cannot bring them inside make sure they have extra straw to curl up into and put a blanket or old carpet over their cage to block out some of the noise.  Horses should be kept safe in stables.


  • Never light a pile of wood where it was stored, many wild creatures like mice, frogs and hedgehogs can make their homes in the pile.  Always move it to a new location before lighting it.


  • Never bring dogs Trick or Treating – the noises can scare them and they may escape on you.


  • Remember that your pet won’t be able to recognise you if you are all dressed up in your Halloween costume as you won’t smell or look like you.  Be careful with kids approaching your pet as the same thing can happen and both the pet and child may get a fright.


  • Never dress up your pets in costumes – they usually don’t like it, it can cause injuries and most importantly many fabrics are highly flammable and we know how easily those Halloween candles can be knocked over by an excited pet!


  • Keep sweets and chocolate well away from your pets – dogs and cats love to steal the odd piece and may well swallow wrappers and lollypop sticks which could injure their stomachs or chocolate which can cause serious health issues to some pets.


  • If your pet is nervous of the loud noises of fireworks try not to add to their concerns and stresses by remaining calm and not fussing over them too much – it is just a normal night like any other and they will pick up on your stress and worry over their welfare!


  • Never ever bring your dog to a bonfire, their fur can catch fire very easily and their feet can get burnt by standing on hot wood.  It is not unheard of for a dog who loves to chase thrown sticks to jump onto a bonfire or grab a lit firework by mistake!


  • Be very careful if you are walking or exercising your dog the next day especially around bonfire sites - there may be no visible fire or smoke but the wood and burnt ground will still be hot and can burn their paws.


  • Make sure your cats and dogs are microchipped and that your contact details are up to date on the microchip databases. In this way if your pet does get lost you can be contacted as soon as the pet is scanned by a vet or rescue centre.
Have a happy and safe Halloween and remember it’s not just about fun for kids and those young at heart adults!
You can find out more about the DSPCA here.