Olivia Hanna letting you know where to go for a yum - and cheap - meal.
One of the toughest student struggles is feeding oneself. It’s easy to get into the habit of downing bowls of pasta and cereal, or calling for pizza and Chinese. And when eating out is an option we tend to gravitate towards Boojum, McDonald’s, and Supermac’s. While it can be hard to resist a cheap burrito or a greasy burger and chip,  we’ve compiled some more formal, delicious and budget friendly places to fill up around Galway city. Dig in!

1. Tuco’s Taqueria, 6 Abbeygate Street Upper

Tuco’s boasts a simple, but delicious menu, for an amazingly low price. Their menu is comprised of a few Mexican favorites; burritos, tacos, enchiladas, and a box stuffed with just the good stuff. From there customers get to pick their own fillings; a selection of beef, pork, chicken, steak, and vegetables, and a salsa. Tuco’s also offers tortilla chips with a variety of toppings, soft drinks, beer, and wine. Mains range in price from €6.70 to €6.95, a fair deal for a meal that’s guaranteed to satisfy. Students can get any main and a drink for €6.95 with a valid student ID.

2. Tomodachi, 2 Colonial Buildings, Eglinton Street

While sushi sounds like a splurge, sushi lovers can find solace in Tomodachi. Their standard menu items aren’t particularly wallet-friendly (but, they're reasonable), however Tomodachi has a unique feature: a sushi-carrying conveyor belt. Diners can sit next to the conveyor belt and pick their dinner up as it passes by. Each container of sushi has a coloured label that indicates its price, which ranges from 3 to 6. Other low cost menu options are the hosomaki, 8 pieces of maki ranging from €5.00 to €6.50, temaki for either €4.00 or €5.00, miso soup or rice for €2.00, and edamame for 5. While there, take time to soak in Tomodachi’s amazing bird’s eye view of Shop Street.


3. The Chili Shack, 19 Abbeygate Street Upper

Much like Tuco’s, The Chili Shack is customizable and inexpensive. They offer three kinds of chili: vegan three bean, chili con carne, and chunky Irish beef chili, in four different styles: in a bowl with rice, over corn tortilla chips, ‘half ‘n’ half’ (half rice, half nachos, or half rice half fries, or chili fries. Half size portions range from €5.00 to €6.00 and ‘proper’ sized portions range from €7.00 to €8.00, and all extras are free! Non-chili fans have options too; nine different types of burgers, wings, hotdogs, and poutine. That’s a load of food for a bit of cash, but UniLife card holders can get an additional 10% off your meal!

4. The Pasta Factory, 13 Mary Street

Students are known for their ability to survive on a pasta based diet, so The Pasta Factory is likely to suit any student’s taste. The biggest difference between a student made pasta meal, and one from The Pasta Factory, is the freshness. As in the title, The Pasta Factory makes all of their pastas in house, and as a bonus for any vegans, all pastas are free of egg! The menu at The Pasta Factory changes every week with a brand new offering of fresh and delicious sauces from classic Bolognese to exotic squid concoctions. The best part is that fresh, homemade pasta, doesn’t come at a high price. Get a small (but filling) bowl of any pasta and sauce, a slice of homemade cheesecake, and a Sanpellegrino soda for €10.90!

5. McDonagh’s, 22 Quay Street

You can never go wrong with classic fish and chips. McDonagh’s is known worldwide for their delicious and no-nonsense fish and chips, but despite the fame they come at an ordinary price. Choose from a variety of fresh fish such as cod, salmon, and whiting, load up on chips, and get a few sides like coleslaw and mushy peas if it suits your fancy. With mains being priced at under €7.00 each you’ll be walking out the doors down only a tenner and up a full belly!

Featured image: Chili Shack Galway / Facebook

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