Only nine per cent of people who responded to a poll I conducted said that they would prefer to buy their coffee from Starbucks as opposed to an independent coffee store.
This figure of nine per cent is in contrast to the ever growing number of Starbucks branches that that have been popping up around Dublin in recent years.
Earlier this year, the newest shop by the international coffee giants opened with little fanfare on Drury St in Dublin city centre.
Despite their quiet launch, the opening of the store faced a lot of backlash from people who claimed it was unfair on independent coffee shop owners that Starbucks be allowed to open another store for them to compete with. See here for an example.
Backlash continued earlier this month following Councillor Mannix Flynn filing an official complaint to Dublin City Council regarding the new Drury St. Starbucks store.
Flynn complained about the lack of consultation with other businesses in the area before changing the use of the building and its signage.
Dublin City Council got back to him this week and confirmed they were investigating the matter.
Of those who responded to the poll, a staggering 58 per cent said they would opt to buy their coffee from local, independent stores. Meanwhile, 33 per cent of respondents admitted they didn’t care where they purchased their coffee.
One twitter user, Mic Farrelly (@FarrellyKnows), remarked on how it is no longer clear what coffee stores can actually be considered ‘independent’ in Dublin.
“’Independent’ is becoming a very stretched term,” he said.
However it doesn’t seem as though the backlash Starbucks are facing is deterring them from further expansion as there has been talk of them opening a three more stores in Dublin in the next 12 months.