Sandwiches galore.

No matter how many times you may fill up your plate on Christmas Day, you are bound to be left with some ham and turkey for the days to come. I think we can all agree that one of the best parts about Christmas is making the sandwiches later that night. There's no such thing as too much turkey over Christmas!

However, if you're getting a bit sick of the sandwiches, then here are some alternative ways to use your leftovers:

1. Turkey curry

Although you may think that the two don't go together, a turkey curry is actually a really and easy yummy way to use up some leftover meat. Use your ordinary curry recipe and subsitute the chicken for curry, and there you have it!

2. Quiches

Push your limits and try your hand at making a quiche. Once you master the pastry, the rest is simply all the leftover veggies you have sitting the fridge. Get rid of them all in one go and you'll be sorted. 

3. Potato salad

You made mash, roast and garlic spuds for the day and now you're swimming in leftover carbs. Recycle them in a slightly healthier way, by making a quick and easy potato salad to wean yourself off the all the roast dinners. 

4. Ham and leek pie. 

Another simple but delish way to empty out your fridge presses. Follow a standard pie recipe, and throw in your leftover ham and leeks to make it fulfilling and tasty!

5. Casserole

The mother of all leftover recipes. Throw everything you have into a pot with some stock, and you'll have dinner for days. 

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