Look fresh as hell thanks to Alison Rothwell's fashion guide.
We may be coming into the middle of October, and I don’t know about you, but I’m still getting over the expense of living an Instagram worthy life last summer. I'm gutted I have to put my Summer wardrobe away, but the pain is eased just thinking about all the chunky and cosy knitwear we get to wear now. The weather has changed and so must our wardrobe, but what do you do when you want everything but don’t have the funds?
This is a problem students know well, and I'm here to save the day, to help you look the amount you wish you had in your bank account. 
These are just some of the affordable pieces you can have on your Autumn wishlist, but still look like you only shop in Brown Thomas.


Having a staple pair of fashionable runners are a must. They’re essential for your everyday college look, and if you want a casual enough outfit for a dinner out or a few drinks, they are key. The Balenciaga race runners are a just to die for, but for a hefty price €495, they would want to come with a lad who’s going to put them on me everytime I wear them. Schuh have got a stunning pair for just €56 (€50.60 when you pop a student discount), that would have all the designer spotters fooled. 

The belt.

Everyone is fascinated with this Gucci belt. It does give a nice pair of jeans and a top a little something extra. Personally I couldn’t spend €350 on a belt, so thank God for Penneys. They have a gorgeous look-a-like for €5. Can’t go wrong. 

The perfect bag.

I know myself I need a staple black leather bag for going out. Chloé do a stunning, classy black leather bag with both a short, and long handle. A wardrobe staple. But when Zara do a dupe for €18, that you won’t care if you get a bit of curry sauce on it after a night out, why bother spending the big bucks. 


Makeup brushes.

With everyone being unreal at make-up these days, you need to have a good set of tools to keep up. Irish blogger Rosie Connolly has just brought out a luxury range of makeup brushes for €40. But for those out there on a budget, that might be a bit much to spend for five brushes. Penneys have always had makeup brushes, but they weren’t the best. They’ve just brought out a new range of brushes starting at as little as €2, and they are FAB. 

Yeezy for cheap.

Kanye West has brought the sock boot into fashion with his Yeezy collections. I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think they’re to die for. Pretty Little Thing have got a range of gorgeous sock boots. These staple boots have a comfortable chunky heel, for just €42. 

Glow, baby, glow.

Like all the gals out there these days, I am obsessed with highlighter. To find one that suits your skin tone and to be pigmented enough, is very important. One of my favourite ones is Mac soft and gentle, and you can pick this up for €31.50 in Brown Thomas. But one I’ve found to be almost the exact same, is a product by Catrice for just €5. It’s just as pigmented and lasts just as long. Glow on gals. 

Loafers of dreams.

Loafers are a trend, like most fashion trends, that have come back into style. Gucci loafers are a luxurious shoe, and dress up any outfit. I like the fur that some have, but I don’t think they’re practical. Zara are doing a loafer that I think would be perfect for a chic work outfit, for just €25.95. 

Little black dress.

Coming into the winter months, there always seems to be events on the cards when you need a ‘little black dress’. I think everyone needs a fab LBD to have in their wardrobe at all times. There’s no need to pay through the nose for a good one. These are just a couple that are stunning

Jeans and a nice top.

 Last but not least, we’re all always trying to find that top when you just plan to wear ‘jeans and a nice top’ on a night out. Rocking this look has gotten me through college nights out, and every gal needs a good selection of ‘nice tops’.