Bray native Holly Leni and her YouTube channel 'Naked Without My Lippy' are this month's pick for vlogger of the month. We spoke to her about her sources of inspiration, her favourite bloggers and her plans for the future.
Holly is a 22-year-old blogger from Bray, who began her YouTube channel ‘Naked Without My Lippy’ in 2013. Her videos include make-up tutorials, product reviews and even how to deal with being tall. Yep, at over 6 foot, this blonde beauty is our vlogger of the month. 
“I started vlogging in September 2013, which seems like a life time ago because so much has happened since then. I have met so many people and got the opportunity to experience many things because of my YouTube channel.”
Hitting around 20,000 views per month, Holly’s vlog is one of the biggest in the country. However there’s a lot more involved than just speaking to a camera. 
“In the beginning it took me little or no time to create a video, but as my channel has developed I have wanted to improve my skills editing by just making it cleaner and more professional. 
“I know tons of people who spend days creating one video, but for me I concentrate on the content. It will take roughly one hour to film, one hour to edit and between exporting and uploading with the correct tags, it can take four hours.”
So where does she get her inspiration from? 
“I'll have to admit I'm more of a vlog watcher myself. There is something more personable about the experience, because it is more intimate and you really feel you're getting to know the person. I love vloggers from the southern hemisphere the most. Ones that come to mind are Shaaanxo, Chloe Morello, Shani Grimmond, Theodora Lee, and NikkieTutorials. 
“As for Irish vloggers I adore LetzMakeup, MyMakeupPerspective, Riona Cahill, Simone Scribes, Orla Mc, MonsterMakeupXx and Sharon Farrell. There are so many Irish girls I can't remember them all.”
Holly is also a journalism graduate from Griffith College, however with little job opportunities out there, Holly may be looking to expand her career further afield.
“I'm a very open person when it comes to change or trying something different. My plan is to hopefully leave Ireland soon to experience a different way of living as I am fascinated by different cultures and how the world revolves.  At the moment my job prospects seem dim, but I'm optimistic and determined to succeed since I have worked so hard in university to achieve my Journalism and Visual Media degree.
“I would love to work in the media industry incorporating my passion for all things beauty. It would be a dream to work for a large company such as L'Oréal and someday have my own range of lipsticks.”
Check out her YouTube channel, Naked Without My Lippy, here.