Hannah Farrell tells u how to keep that skin glowing, even when travelling.
Whether it be for the early commute to college, the train home on a Friday afternoon after lectures or, if you’re lucky enough, a holiday abroad during Reading Week, packing the essentials can be far from exciting when you can’t fit everything you need into your travel bag, or the airport protocol limits your ability to divulge in full-on skincare and beauty routines.
Besides the fact that travelling takes its toll on your skin, especially if you have to go hours with only air-con to keep your skin somewhat fresh and cool, but a makeup bag that contains a look for every possible situation? It’s just not practical. You’ve got to learn to prioritise, so I hope my selection of skincare and beauty treats can help to bring out the travel-savvy you!


1. Your skincare regime shouldn’t suffer.

Just because you can’t bring your entire bathroom cabinet with you, doesn't mean your skin has to take the fall. Make sure you always have travel pots and bottles on standby for spontaneous adventures! You can get these almost anywhere and because they hold 100ml or less, you can bring them anywhere too. Now that you have all your favourites packed away, you can keep your skin in check and you won’t have to rely on face wipes for the duration of your journey.


2. A good spritzing is sure to revive you along your travels.

And it will keep you good company, especially if your explorations bring you close to the equator. Avène Thermal Spring water spray is a multi-purpose spray that will not only keep you cool in the sun but can also soothe irritations such as razor burn and sun burn. And if that’s not convincing enough, you can also use it to set your makeup!

3. Don't forget to pack some face masks. 

There’s something about going on holidays that makes you want to pamper yourself so make sure you allow for a “treat-yo-self” session while away! Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue masks are a must since they don’t fall under the liquid conformities of the airport. They won’t take up too much room in your bag either. Not only will these infuse your skin with some well needed moisture but the cooling effect of the mask is perfect to assist in dealing with rather hot temperatures while abroad.

4. SPF is necessary. 

It goes without saying that SPF should be the first item you pack if you’re travelling overseas but putting any sun protection on your face can potentially be a risky game too! Sun cream is well and good but just be aware of the products you’re using! Look out for SPF products specific for your face as these are generally non-comodogenic, which in “English” means that the cream won’t go blocking your pores! You can find great value sun protection for face at Boots.ie, available in SPF30 and SPF50. They won’t break the bank either at €5.50 each plus you can just throw away any remainder after your trip since they come in travel size tubes!

5. Whatever you do, don’t forget your lip balm.

The smallest of all travel items but definitely one you’d regret forgetting! What with a hot sun and inevitable air conditioning, peeling lips are never a good luck. Bonus points for having one with an SPF!

6. Go mini. 

You can pick loads of great products in mini form at Boots.ie - Benefit have some great options such as their Hoola Bronzer and Porefessional Primer. and while you’re adding them to your basket you may as well avail of their 3 for €30 offer and pick up Roller Lash mascara which is sure to keep your lashes defined and lengthy. Also, as a side note, fun-sized mascara will truly be your best friend. After all, any gal on a beauty counter will tell you to be wary of how long you own a mascara and that you should be looking on the market for a new one every three months or so. That’s why I believe minis are the way to go – no more waste! Plus if you switch to mini you’ll surely be saving space in your travel bag!