At a loss when it comes to applying glitter/pigment? Chloe O'Keeffe goes over everything you need to know.

As the festival season is now in full swing, you can be sure to be hit with the most vibrant of make-up looks wherever you turn to- from UV paints, jewels and gems to glitters- anything sparkly!

It all seems quite straight forward really, especially the whole glitter trend- so we just get some craft glitters and throw them on our face with a bit of Pritt stick, right? I wish it was that straight forward!

The top thing to note when using glitters is that cosmetic glitter and craft glitter are two completely different products! The cosmetic glitter we use on our face is a special plastic that is non-toxic; even when ingested (though it’s still hardly ideal to start eating your glitters mid-getting ready for Indie!). Where the craft glitters are coloured with dyes, the cosmetic glitters are coloured with pigments so to avoid the colour from leaking out and/or staining! Cosmetic glitter is far finer in comparison to craft glitters, and is usually circular in shape, contrasting to the hexagonal shape of the larger craft glitters.

Obviously enough, and as expected, both glitters are made in different facilities. As for the safety of cosmetic glitters, for the most part, it is safe. Though it can be said that nothing is ever 100% safe to put near your eyes. Though glitters have the potential to irritate your eyes, it’s notable to realize that our eyes are quite delicate and our eyelashes or a contact lens all have equal potential to irritate our eyes.

The main precaution to take in preventing your cosmetic glitter from irritating your eyes, (or being inhaled) is ensuring that it is suspended in something, such as a gel, an adhesive or a gloss.

Products such as Inglot’s Duraline, Duo-glue and MAC’s Eyeliner Mixing Medium are great products to use in sticking your glitters! MAC’s product is quick-setting and budge proof, and you can either mix the glitter into the product first and then apply with a brush as a liner or tap the product onto your skin and press the glitter over the product with a flat brush. Of course, you can do this also with the duraline and duo-glue for a fraction of the price!

Cosmetic glitter is becoming increasingly popular, and that is why it’s so easy to get your hands on an array of coloured glitters at the click of your fingers. Of course, one of the main glitter brands in my opinion is Inglot’s Spangles which can be bought online or in any of their stores nationwide for €13! These can be used both on the face and body, and come in a range of colours- from black to white or blue to pink. If the Inglot Spangles aren’t rocking your boat enough, you can further your glitter obsession with brands such as NYX with their ‘Face & Body Glitters’, Glitter Express ( with their range or Achara Glitters ( with their range of glitter products- and these are just to name a few of the many ranges of glitters available for festival season today.

Glitters aren’t the most dangerous of things, though it is key to take your time when applying glitters, both to avoid eye irritation, and to get the best look you possibly can. Glitter is so messy, and regardless of how much or little you use, you will undoubtedly find glitter everywhere for days after, But another top tip is when using glitter for your eyes, put your foundation on after as opposed to before you do your eyes!