At a mere 17 years old, Lucy Fitz is making waves across Irish social media.
Lucy Fitzgibbon (17) a.k.a. LucyFitz is far from being your everyday teenage girl. With almost 40,000 followers on social media, Lucy is set to be Ireland’s next big thing in the world of makeup and beauty blogging.
It all began in her bedroom back in Askeaton, County Limerick during Christmas 2015. Having initially set up an Instagram page where she could generate content from her latest makeup creations, Fitz describes how “it all snowballed from there.”
Three weeks into the establishment of “LucyFitzMakeup,” to her surprise, people began messaging for makeup appointments. Fitz knew from the start she did not want to be an MUA (makeup artist) as she believes “makeup artists are very replaceable.”
Following on today’s social media trend of every second person being an MUA, Lucy has not limited herself in this regard. Instead, Lucy is determined to focus on her blog in the hopes of someday bringing out her own line of products.
Admittedly this will be tough for the young blogger given she is currently balancing her studies in preparation for the Leaving Cert alongside her budding beauty career. Lucy, like many others has been subject to negativity both online and within the beauty community.
“People don’t take me that seriously due to my age,” Fitz explains despite trying to use it to her advantage as proof of how motivated she is.
Lucy feels very lucky to have an “army of people” behind her when negative comments are passed as loyal followers are key to staying positive when surrounded by online hate. “I feel like my followers are all organic, I’ve grown them from me and not other people’s shoutouts,” she says proudly.
With a strong belief that nobody is perfect, Fitz alludes to the fact that her followers like her for being down to earth and relatable, creating a platform allowing her fans to remain loyal whilst being interactive.
Unlike most popular beauty bloggers, Fitz does not maintain a so called “perfect image,” openly removing her makeup in front of thousands in the hopes of relating to those who follow her. Speaking about her recent experience following a free press trip to London, Lucy wants her followers to understand, “it’s not all as it appears to be,” describing the industry as “awful.”
Already, at the age of 17, the blogger has had to ask herself, “do I really want to get myself into this?” Rather than focusing on the downside, Lucy has thrown herself into her work, concentrating on her brand and upcoming event, “Lucy Fitz Here and Now.”
“I want to talk about things I haven’t talked about before and show a side people don’t know about me.” Although growth of her platform has been gradual, Lucy is “excited to see how far it will go,” and is curious if it will keep progressing as she grows older.
With hopes and dreams of studying physics and astronomy, Lucy is looking forward to the future as she really does not know what is in store for her. “I hope by the time the Leaving Cert comes around that I’ll be able to retire I’ll be so famous,” she jokes.
Featured image: Lucy Fitz Instagram