So much study, so little time.

Repeat exams are a part of college life, as much as our parents would wish differently - and us. It's not like we want more exams hanging over our head during our summer holidays, but there you have it. 

While we all have the best intentions when it comes to repeats, a lot of the time the study comes in the crucial few weeks before the exam. And with that study, comes the stres, worry and anger that so many of us feel in these last few weeks of August.

So if you're one of the many hitting the books before next week, then I'm 2 you've had one of these thoughts:

1. Why?

Why did I do this to myself? Why didn't I start studying at the start of Summer? Why didn't I study more for my exams in the first place? Why?

2. There's no way in hell I'm going to pass this.

It's laughable, really, all the work you have to do and the time you have left. Better start packing your bags and getting ready to move back home. 

3. Whoever invented repeat exams deserves a swift kick somewhere sore. 

Make that two kicks. I'm just trying to enjoy my Summer.

4. How did the Summer go by so quickly?

Is it even humanely possible for time to go that quickly?

5. I don't remember studying this during the year.

I'm fairly sure we didn't cover this in class.

6. This isn't fair. 

I don't care if I'm not the only one who has repeats, but I certainly don't deserve this torture.

7. I wonder if Ryanair is having a sale...

Wanderlust increases exponentially during study time. 

8. Do I even need to do this exam?

Maybe I'd be okay with not finishing college. It's not even that important to me. 

9. I absolutely have to pass this exam. 

And then the desperation kicks in. Hard. 

10. Sleep? Who needs sleep?

A regular sleeping schedule is a thing of the past, my friends. 

11. Maybe I'll just live the rest of my life in my room.

Specifically in my bed. 

12. I wish people would stop posting about the exams on Facebook.

There's no escaping it!

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