It's the Dublin comedy venue that over the years 3,000 comedians have performed in to what amounts to 2,000 live shows to 500,000 people. Lifestyle Editor Dairne Black went along to see what all the fuss was about...

Situated on Dublin's Eden Quay, the Laughter Lounge is precisely as the name suggests, a lounge of laughter. Myself and my boyfriend headed along on Saturday night, neither of us having been before but looking for a laugh regardless.

The show started at 8:30 and we arrived just after eight to a nearly packed-out lounge. I strongly advise going earlier than this as we were near enough to the front. Doors open at 7pm so it's worth heading in then.

Drinks in hand, and some cheeky tubs of Pringles, we found our seats and relaxed. MC for the night was Willie White who got the crowed going with some audience interaction, witty comments and general banter (overused word, apologies). There were three comedians, all hailing from various parts of the globe. First on stage was Ross Browne, Cork man and star of RTE Two's 'The Fear’. With Cork blood running through my veins I have a fondness for the 'Real Republic' and all its glory. Browne is one to watch and the highlight of his act came when he told about his lovely girlfriend transforming overnight. We've all been there, make-up smeared on the pillow case, waking up like Halloween with big panda eyes. 

Tom Rhodes strolled on stage and brought his effortless, often controversial jokes to an appreciative audience. In terms of comedians, I hadn't seen anyone quite like him before, although that could be possibly be down to the fact that I need to go to more comedy. He had an edge, slightly sarcastic, with perhaps a tinge of Scottish comedian, Frankie Boyle.

The highlight of the night for me was the headliner, Al Porter. The young comedian is a rising star on the Irish comedy scene, and is fresh from sell-out shows at Dublin's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His interaction with the audience and improvisation was faultless. Well turned out in a suit that made every Irish mammy in the audience go 'awwww' his personality was infectious. With a likeness to Graham Norton, Porter does bare that similarity but has his own unique fabulous style. While Ross Browne had Cork swagger, and Tom Rhodes was American smooth, Porter was Bubblin’ Dublin. His routine was high energy, laugh- a- minute, flirtatious and outrageous. We loved it.

With twenty minute sets and a break in between each act the evening flew by. Each comedian had their own style and I really enjoyed the fact that they were all so different. There's a really nice atmosphere there. In terms of value for money, it is slightly on the expensive side - 25 euro for un-reserved seating, 30 euro for reserved. However, considering that it's four good-quality comedians, in an intimate enough venue I think it's value for money, particularly with a free beverage. You do need to pre-book online and group deals are available (try online for discounts and deals, Groupon is great!). Bar quest are non-existent/minimal and with pizza provided as well, it made for a nice touch.

I would highly recommend a night at the Laughter Lounge. After all, we all need a laugh once in a while, it’s life's best medicine.