From your brother to your bae, here's a hint of what they might like.
With less than a week to go until the big day arrives, it can be a rather stressful thought knowing we haven’t gotten all the presents we need to buy. With last minute assignments and exams only finishing, we students are only now getting a chance to shop for those all important Christmas gifts. Still undecided on what to get the men in your life ? Fear not as I have put together a Christmas gift guide that will help whether you're buying for your boyfriend, friend, Dad, brother or grandad.


1. Xbox/PlayStation games

Many of us will have a brother or boyfriend who are obsessed with playing their PlayStation/Xbox so why not get them a game for it this Christmas? If you’re unsure what game to get them, both PlayStation and Xbox do vouchers of varying prices, meaning they are a great gift for any budget. There's also a whole sort of accessories you can get for the consoles, so you're practically spoiled for choice.


2. A watch

Looking to spend a bit more on that special someone this Christmas? Why not go for a watch! A watch can be a great gift as it will last for years and can be rather sentimental. Watches can be bought at several prices depending on what brand you go for. Make sure to get a Gift Recepit - just in case!

3. A wallet 

Buying the man in your life a wallet for Christmas can be great idea as this is often something they won’t buy for themselves and they’ll happily stick with the one they’ve had for 5 years that’s falling apart. A wallet is budget friendly or you can splurge that bit more depending on where you go. 


4. Grooming set 

This is a great gift for any man, you can rest easy knowing they’ll get great use out of a razor and shaving foam gift set. Boots is a great place to go for this as they do 3 for 2 on all gifts meaning you can get three gifts done for the price of 2 which is music to the ears of students on a budget. Or why not splash out and get them a voucher for a hot towel shave? After all, it's Christmas. Treat yourself.


5. Headphones

Do any of the men in your life love listening to music? If the answer is yes then headphones are a great option for a gift, they come in a range of styles and prices so no matter your budget you can be sure you’ll find the perfect set.
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