No need to break the bank this Nollaig.
So you’ve left your Christmas shopping until the last minute? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there - many times! 
We students don’t have a lot of cash to splash but we still want to get those closest to us a gift for Christmas. Below I have listed a few present ideas that will be loved by all and will still leave you with enough money for those all important Christmas nights out.
What are you waiting for? Start shopping!

1. Pyjamas

I’ve mentioned these before in a previous gift guide that pjyamas are always a good bet for the women in your life. They are a brilliant gift idea for anyone. They are very budget friendly especially if you head to Penneys, who are well known for their affordable cosy pyjamas. If you’ve a little more to spend you can also add slippers or fluffy socks as an extra.

2. Restaurant voucher

A voucher for their favourite restaurant can be a great idea. Everyone loves to eat out but sometimes it can be a little more expensive than we'd like, so a voucher would make that all the easier! I know I’d be happy to receive a meal voucher for Wagamama. They aren’t that expensive and it’s also something you can enjoy with them.

3. 3 for 2 in Boots

3 for 2 that Boots do on gifts is brilliant and is worth another mention. They always have a huge range and selection so you can scour the aisle until you find something you love. You can get some great gifts on any budget and get gifts for three people at the price of 2, what’s not to love?

4. Chocolate 

You can’t go wrong with chocolate at Christmas. One of the more luxury boxes of chocolate won’t cost you too much and makes for a nice and tasty gift. Who knows? They might even share with you...

5. Hat, scarf, gloves

Such a practical gift at this time of year. A hat, scarf and gloves set is a great gift for anyone to keep warm during these cold winter months. You’ll find these in most clothing stores and they’ll be kind to your purse.
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