Buckles & Son, a unique Hip Hop duo consisting of Shawn Mkandla and Conor Buckley are releasing their debut EP this Friday at Wigwam in Dublin.

Hip Hop, Plumpers, and their own Video Game. This band is turning into their own brand.


Buckles & Son, a unique Hip Hop duo consisting of Shawn Mkandla and Conor Buckley are releasing their debut EP this Friday at Wigwam in Dublin.


Mkandla brings the drums and the computer instruments to the table where Buckley brings the Bass, Guitar and Keyboard while both of them do vocals.


The duo were familiar with each other from being in other bands together in the Dunboyne area but when Buckley heard Flying Lotus for the first time he realised ‘there was a lot of room for some mad stuff in Hip Hop and not a lot of people are doing it.’ Buckley then asked Mkandla, after listening to some of his work and finding he was ‘a very tight producer,’ if he was interested in a new project.


As for the name, they didn’t want to linger on it. They wanted to come up with a catchy nickname such as the sci-fi animated comedy Rick and Morty. Although they’re not related they went for Buckles & Son because they liked the family theme of the name and it rolls off the tongue quite nicely.


Buckley and Mkandla both agreed on the Flying Lotus frame of Hip Hop but didn’t limit themselves to it. They often throw in Funk, Soul or whatever it is they are listening to at the time into the mix.


During their early musical experiments of their unique Hip Hop framework they even experimented with writing an Indian House track and ‘it went really bad.’ When they got a gig back when The Pint on Eden Quay in Dublin, they found their niche when they played Until I Lather Into a Frenzy of Aromatic Bubbles. A ‘simple, straight up loud, Boom Bap, Hip Hop Beat.’ A track which features on their self titled EP which will be launched on Friday.


The Buckles & Son EP ‘was originally gonna be a taster board to get people to listen to it, to a more fair presentation’ of the band and what they hope to do in the future. After a year of the EP being in the works, the band have finally decided to release it properly as an EP when the songs grew on them.


As for the EP’s curious song titles, such as Until I Lather Into a Frenzy of Aromatic Bubbles and Pancake Paradise, the two both have interesting origins. The first title was simply something Buckley read on the back of a shampoo bottle he thought sounded fantastic and the second title was originally meant to be ‘”Plumpers”, large sexualised women.’ Which is why the Pancake Paradise music video has ‘Plumpers’ in the opening sequence. But the band settled with Pancake Paradise, a poem written by a close friend. The band felt it would be nice to make a mood video to suit Pancake Paradise and with the direction of Alex Harrison and animation of Keith Kavanagh, they did so.        


If you do decide to attend the Buckles & Son EP launch on Friday at Wigwam on Middle Abbey Street in Dublin, you’ll find a lovely surprise from the band which is a Buckles & Son video game. Pancake Paradise: The Interactive Expereince. A pixelated art game you can play while you wait for their performance which features the duo in their cartoon form as seen in the ir Pancake Paradise music video.


Buckles & Son’s future music can be found on both the band’s Facebook page and their Youtube.