Chloe O'Keeffe gives us her list of valuable lessons she learned at her first festival this year.
When EP came to a close last week, it marked the end of summer and festivals - at least for a little while. Whether you're a fan of camping or you haven't set foot in a muddy field since you were a child, everyone needs to experience a festival at least once in their lives. And when you do experience it for the first time, here are some things you will learn:

1.    Bumbags are well and truly back.

Who would have thought?

2.    The early bird catches the worm- get to the festival early when camping. 

Trust me, it will be worth it. 

3.    The rain is not your friend. 

But a rainjacket is.

4.    Glitters are the most difficult things to get off your skin. 

I'm still scrubbing in the shower. 

5.    I needed to invest in a decent portable charger – the dealz ones are not good.

Cheap and cheerful, but not very long-lasting.

6.    Stay open-minded- just because you don’t know an act doesn’t mean they aren’t good.

You just might discover your next favourite band.

7.    Everyone is so nice, especially the girls- friends for life, who you’ll never see again.

Once you share glitter, you have a bond for life.

8.    The atmosphere is something else.

Seriously, if you haven't gone, you need to. 

9.    Pop-up tents may be easier to put up than a normal tent, but they are harder to put away.

In short, normal tents> pop-up tents in the long-run.

10.    Youtube tutorials work wonders for taking pop-up tents down.

Our saviour.

11.    Wellies are the best creation on earth.

Especially when it's rainy.

12.    If you're bringing alcohol, your best bet is to arrive early.

Get yourself set up, then go to the nearest shop or town and stock up.

13.    A camping chair is a must.

The smallest tiniest bit of comfort, but you’ll soon appreciate it!

14.    Electricity, hot water, and my bed are taken for granted too much in my life. 

Far, far too much.

15.    Bringing snacks for your tent is key.

Midnight snack, anyone? 

16.    I need to up my caption game for Snapchat.


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