College is the only time when you can learn things like first aid and sign language for free. Not to mention the new friends you'll make, CV you'll build up and boxes of free pizza that will be at your disposal, writes Laura Mulqueen.

Why should I join a committee for a club/society at college? Why bother with all the stress and extra work when I can just swan into a meeting whenever I fancy?

Well the most obvious reason is that it looks fabulous on a C.V. if you are a committee member. Treasurer proves responsibility, trust and money management. Secretary demonstrates excellent communication and written skills. PRO shows you are savvy with creating a poster and getting the word out there about your society. Being part of a society committee screams “teamwork skills” and “problem-solving ability”, qualities which employers dig: big time. Better yet, set up your own society and pose alongside the cardboard cut-out of INITIATIVE.

As committee member you get to make new friends, you will know the people in the society way better through event planning and constantly seeing each other at meets every week. Also it forces you to attend the society every week so if you are of the shy variety it will drag you out of your shell.

It shows and helps develop your interest on a particular subject whether it is science fiction, anthropology (bonus points if you study this at university) or literary and debating. It is no secret that employers look to the interests section of a C.V. to form an opinion of you. As president of yoga and treasurer of the chicken fillet roll society you are bound to get some personality across the page.

Sometimes college gets a bit much, especially if you live away from home. It gets repetitive and tiring staying at home every night. Attending a club/society meeting to every week breaks up the time and offers a comforting solace using movie screenings, free pizza, nights out and a change of scenery. Did I mention it is free to attend most of these events?

The benefits: free pizza, free wine, free sweets, free Aldi lemonade. Watching a movie that is just out on DVD that you couldn’t afford to see in cinema but now you just walk into theatre two and voilà! Oh yeah and you don’t have to clean up afterwards, just toddle on home. You can learn new things such as first aid training with the Red Cross Society, sign language, go travelling abroad with surf club etc. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to explore other parts of yourself. Maybe it will be a love of kickboxing, origami or chess.

I know it is difficult to gather the guts to walk to a building at college you don’t know yet, full of people you don’t know and try to make friends and assimilate. But I am going to tell you a secret. Everyone there has been through what you are going through. We have all been scared, shy or a little socially inept at times. It is not unusual or unacceptable to be quiet, socializing at college is scary. Just be brave and you might be surprised. Ask where the building is, introduce yourself, and say you don’t know anyone, there is ALWAYS someone who will take you under their wing.