Does your CV need a facelift? You're in luck, we're giving away a free CV review and upgrade and cover letter help with Career Projections to the winner of the competition below.

To be in with a chance of winning, send us on the correct number of spelling mistakes you spot in the following extract in a private message on Facebook, the first person to correctly identify all of them will win the prize! We're not going to tell you how many there are...

"A man stands in a valley. He looks out across the river. A sound is heard off in the distance. The anticipation is killing him. He can’t bare the anxiety any longer. He heard it on his way down a while ago but shrugged it off. It was only a matter of time before they caught up with him. He has excepted his fate. He can’t run anymore. He was adviced not to go into the valley. He stumbles and falls as he runs through the valley. A forest is in the distance. He sees a clearing in the trees. An alter stands by the tree. Clearly someone frequented the forest from time to time. No time to waste now.

He was going to have to make his assent up the forested mountain. A running noise could be heard in the distance. He waited with baited breath. Suddenly a pack of wolves came running out of the forest. Something had spooked them. Probably that hoard of people he came across earlier.

He continued on deeper into the trees. He came across two paths. The duel path confused him. A large noise echoed in the distance. Every time it got closer and closer. Only a matter time he supposed. Darkness crept in more and more as he continued on. He felt faint with each step. A pair of arms placed a wreathe of thorny flowers around his neck. He turned in horror. He knew in principal that he shouldn’t have come into the valley."

Prize includes:

-CV review and upgrade with Dr. Bill Mallon of Career Projections

-Cover letter preparation

Dr. Bill Mallon runs CareerProjections, an Irish online service provider that helps students create or refine their CVs. They also provide expert corrections and revisions for all types of college work. Contact today on 087 970 6970 or email to see how they can help you. Alternatively, check out their Facebook page here.