Career Advice Consultant Rowan Manahan reads CVs for a living. Here he discusses the different sections on a CV.

Should you include a profile?
  • It's a great way to tell the reader a bit about you and how you're qualified - make sure that it is impartial, verifiable and fact driven material.
  • Concrete example of where you have made a difference with your responsibilities.
  • A Profile is a useful opening part to a CV.
Education in a CV- how far should the candidate go back?
  • Reverse chronological order.
  • Include training and accreditations that you have received, format in a way that is easy to read - Use what is relevant.
  • You don't need to get into massive detail.
Date of Birth - should it be included?
  • You are not required to include it.
  • If it's to your advantage, then put it in under Personal and Contact details.
What order should the sections go in?
  • Depends on the position and your experience, put what is most interesting and important first.
  • If you're just out of formal education, the interviewer is going to be most interested in whether or not you have some work experience.
  • You don't need to put the words Curriculum Vitae on top.
  • Initials after your name aren't necessary.
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