USI Condemns Uni Heads for Wasting Billions of Euro on Inflated Staff Payments

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) has condemned the Irish university presidents for paying staff extravagant and reckless allowances, whilst simultaneously calling for the reintroduction of college tuition fees. 

The Department of Finance revealed today at a meeting of the Dail Public Accounts Committee that the total liabilities of the universities pension fund is ?2.15 billion.

{module Island Banners|xhtml} In addition to this, universities regularly boosted staff salaries without sanction. In total, over ?5 million in unsanctioned allowances were paid to university staff.

Staff salaries in the universities cost the Exchequer just over ?1 billion in the academic year 2007/08.

USI is calling on the Government to take action to ensure the culture of profligacy among the presidents of the universities of Ireland does not continue.

The Department of Finance must also ensure that all unsanctioned excessive allowances are recouped.

Gary Redmond, USI President, said:

?Considering the gross underinvestment in Higher Education by the Government over the past ten years ? which was revealed by the recent OECD report - these inflated and unsanctioned allowances and pensions paid to university staff is disgraceful.

Third level education has suffered from continuous under-funding, and the scandalous recklessness of taxpayers? money by the universities of Ireland is a slap in the face for the people of this country.

Furthermore, the Higher Education Authority knew of the unsanctioned allowances for the good part of a decade and failed to take sufficient action to stop them.

USI is calling on the overpaid university staff to return the money they were overpaid given the shambolic state of public finances.?

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