Seeing the day that is in it, I decided to help/encourage you all with a nice little recipe for pancakes!

Now, the mixture is always best made the night before and left over night in the fridge, but once you can let it rest a couple of hours (min 30mins) you’ll be grand! This is also probably one of the only recipes you will see me include measurements, so take note, I haven’t given them for no reason!


2 large eggs
75g (1/2 cup) plain flour
190ml (3/4 cup) milk



Lemon Juice / Sugar
Maple Syrup
Fresh fruit (Banana, strawberries, blueberries)
Cream / Ice Cream
etc… etc… The list is pretty much endless



1. Beat the eggs, and as you are doing so start to add the flour (about half initially). When it is looking nice and lump free, add the rest of the flour. Once it is all mixed together gradually add the milk, while you continue to whisk. It can be good to use a rubber spatula to remove any flour that may be stuck to the edge of the bowl.

2. When you are ready to start cooking remove the batter from the fridge and give it another whisk, use a sieve to help remove lumps if necessary.  Start to heat the pan and make sure to add a little butter to stop your pancake becoming romantically involved with your pan. Then either pour or use a ladle to add to the pan. Make sure to turn the pan as you add the batter so that you get a nice even spread.

3. The uncooked side of the crepe should start to become more firm with a soft look to it, at this point you can now turn the pancake with a spatula or for you thrill seekers out there, flip it using nothing but the pan, gravity and a bit of luck!

4. Both sides should be a nice golden brown, with some bits cooked more than others, for the classic look. Once cooked, remove from the pan and add your toppings, then either role or fold your pancake as desired! Yum!

Top Tip: If you are cooking for a few, it can be nice to sit and eat together. So the best way to keep the pancakes warm is to place them on a plate sitting over a pot of simmering water. This will keep them hot and wont dry them out.

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