The latest from our National Student Survey has found NUI Maynooth to be a very gay-friendly college but its students are partial to more than the odd take-away...

Sexual orientation diversity and support

NUI Maynooth has been found to have not only one of the highest levels of diversity in sexual orientation, but also of same sex marriage support of any of the colleges in our National Student Survey.

The research of over 4500 students from around Ireland, conducted by, found that around 15% of students at NUI Maynooth identify as a sexual orientation other than heterosexual.

This statistic is four per cent higher than national average found within the same survey of students who identify as homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual or questioning their sexuality.

Similarly, it was found that 92% of NUI Maynooth students support same sex marriage, which is 3 per cent higher than the national average found in the National Student Survey. Only 2 per cent of students at the college said that they have experienced discrimination on the grounds of their sexual orientation.

Staying healthy in Maynooth

However, the survey also revealed that 84% of NUI Maynooth students eat takeaway food regularly, which is five per cent higher than the national average. Of these local takeaways proved the most popular (38%), followed by McDonalds (20%) and Supermacs (12%).

In terms of mental health, almost half (43%) of students at the college have either sought support for their mental health concerns or have considered doing so. Despite this over a fifth (21%) said that they didn’t know whether the college provided students with mental health support.

Satisfaction with the college

There was also evidence to suggest that NUI Maynooth students were happy with the college as 68% felt that their Students’ Union was either “effective” or “very effective”.

Additionally, almost half (43%) of students at the college plan to do a post-graduate degree once they finish their current one, which is 15 per cent over the national average of students who want to do this (28%).

Other outliers were that almost forty per cent of students in NUI Maynooth avail of a grant (38%), which is 13% above the average found in the National Student Survey. Almost half (41%) of NUIM students say they have used the extra resources available to them at the college when they are struggling academically.

Low drug consumption

The survey also found a relatively low drug use in the college, with 60 per cent of NUIM students saying that they had never experimented with drugs. Almost a third (27%) however have used marijuana, and five per cent said that they have taken ecstasy.

A staggering majority (85%) said that they pre-drink every time they go out, but almost half (49%) say that they consume between one and six drinks a week, which is well below the maximum limits recommended by the HSE. The most common drinks were spirits (35%), beer (18%), cider (12%) and white wine (9%), while 11% of students said they did not drink at all.

And lastly…

Despite the fact only 7 per cent of NUI Maynooth students who partook in the survey had phone insurance, almost a third (32%) have lost or broken at least one phone in the last year.

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