According to a new survey, 88 per cent of students say that abortion should be made available in Ireland.

The 2013 Student Survey shows that 48pc of students in Ireland believe that abortion should be made available under medical guidance and 40pc say it should be freely available.

A further 6pc say it should not be available and the remaining 6pc have no opinion.

Around 4,000 Irish students responded to the survey, which gives a broad insight into the behaviours and opinions of Irish students.

The National Student Survey covers a wide range of topics relating to student life including finances, sexual health and work. The respondents, mostly aged 18—24, are current students in universities, institutes of technology and colleges of further education around the country.

Among the findings were that half of students do not have a part-time job and 41pc are financed by their parents.

Despite this, 10pc are in €1,000--€5,000 debt and 5pc are in over €5,000 debt.

The survey shows that 27pc visit Facebook 10 or more times a day and 76pc own a smartphone.

Half of students have tried marijuana and 16 per cent have tried ecstasy.

Around 83pc have never had an STI test and 12pc have had one.

In relation to work after college, 27pc are quite confident they will find a job in their area of study after they graduate. 29pc are mildly confident and 20pc are not confident at all.

About 56pc of students in Ireland identify themselves as Catholic. The next biggest religious grouping is Atheism at 23pc.

Approximately 29pc have been subjected to some form of bullying and 35pc have considered dropping out of college due to stress.

The National Student Survey was conducted by during the 2012/2013 academic year.

For more results, see here.