DCU Esoc set to raise even more funds in “Beg, Borrow, Steal” event which started this morning on DCU campus.

DCU’s Enterprise Society has smashed the initial target of €8,000 by raising €17,162 in favour of the Donald Walsh #LiveLife Foundation.
The impressive sum has been reached before the official fund-raising event called “Beg, Borrow, Steal” even started.
The event consists of a race in which 60 DCU students, divided into 30 teams, will have to make it from Dublin to Edinburgh with no money or bankcards.The challenge includes two “mystery checkpoints” in the UK to be revealed only at a later stage.
The race has officially started this morning from DCU’s Hub. The prize is €500 in cash and a hamper worth more than €500.
To enter the competition, the 30 teams taking part in the event were required to raise at least €50 for the foundation.
“It's a very big project that was being planned since June,” DCU Esoc’s co-chair and founder Dylan Kehoe told Campus.ie. “Thankfully we took it on early and with a solid team behind it we have everything ready. Our first ‘Beg, Borrow, Steal’ to Cork in April was on a much smaller scale to give us a test run at how the event would work and what hurdles would come our way.”
Last April the society raised €3,500 thanks to the work of seven teams, and even managed to get #DCUBegBorrowSteal trending on Twitter.
This year the 30 teams involved in the event managed to raise €10,000 in one day only.
“We hope to make this one of the biggest student events in Ireland, something that DCU and Esoc will become known for,” said DCU Esoc’s PRO Katie Shaughnessy. “We're doing something huge here for a great cause and it will serve as a platform for future students to make it even bigger; more teams, more money raised, a destination even further away.”
“I've made a promise that if we raise €20,000 by 3pm Saturday, I'll run a marathon on Monday in Dublin wearing the costume the winning team wore for #LiveLife: this could be anything from a communion dress to a banana suit,” DCU Esoc’s co-chair Dylan Kehoe added.
The full list of the 30 teams and updated leaderboard is available at: www.esocdcu.com/bbs/
Photo: Esoc Dcu/ Facebook