The transition can be tricky but we've got you covered.
Studying for the Leaving Cert is without question a significant time for any 17 and 18 year old. Facing a string of at least eight exams which could shape what you do for the next few years.
Finalising CAO course choices at the beginning of July, over the course of the next six weeks (between that and the results coming out) your mind can’t help but switch to preparing for college life.
Starting college can be very overwhelming for someone is unaware of what to expect. With a little planning and thought the leap from school to college can be exciting - only if you do it right.
Fear not as we have you covered with our five tips on how to make the most of your transition.
1. Lectures: Go to them
The academic year is taught over two semesters - one before Christmas and one after. Generally they fall into a 15 week schedule with a break which won’t be called a break as it is considered as reading week - created for those who tend to fall behind use it to catch up on what they missed out on. within the 15 weeks includes lectures, tutorials, lab work, exams and continuous assessments. We recommend that you attend everything you possibly can especially in the beginning. Don’t wait because you’ll missed out on all the important stuff and come exam time that’ll be pivotal.
2. Join clubs and societies 
Over the course of the four years I spent at college I joined nothing because I couldn’t be bothered. Looking back now it’s one of my biggest regrets. A study carried out found that students who join clubs and societies within the first few weeks find it easier to settle and make lifelong friends. Be it in sport, entirely new like the college newspaper, LGBT Society or DJ Society or something else you’re interested in its important to me others like - minded or not.
3. Deadlines - meet them
When a lecturer says they doc marks for bing an hour late with a paper they mean it. Unlike school missing departmental deadlines could bring your GPA down for the whole year. Fail one or two things and the only place you’ll be the following summer is sitting taking repeats. For extreme circumstances extensions are granted but get them in early.
4. Look for accommodation early
The lack of affordable accommodation is a huge crisis at the moment across the country. the best bargains are always found by those who begin search early.
5. Have fun
College is a time for you to enjoy, to learn about yourself and to grow. It’s a big step but a fantastic opportunity to spread your wings to meet new people and explore different things. Although lectures and exams are a heavy load on your shoulders a college night out (or a few) with the class makes up for it.